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We offer personalized tax services to individuals and businesses

SRJ Consulting, based in Chicago, offers smart solutions that will help you pay less in taxes and secure a better financial future.

We provide expertise in tax returns preparation for individuals and businesses, IRS audit defense, IRS penalty abatement, past tax returns amendment, creative tax planning, accounts analysis, and payroll tax returns.

In IRS audit defense service (our specialty!), we typically review your audited tax return(s) and supporting records, develop strategy to defend your position, perform bank deposits analysis, reconstruct supporting accounting records, and meet with the IRS auditor on your behalf to resolve your tax issues. We fight your IRS case tooth and nail from the initial audit through the IRS appeals office to bring you the best possible outcome. In essence, we give you peace of mind.

Many years of experience, expertise, and knowledge as well as continuing professional education enable us to solve the most complex tax issues. The key to our over 30 years of success lies in applying the saying, "Knowledge is power."

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Shiv R. Jhawar, MAS, EA
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